Artist Statement

Shijie (Simon) comes from China. He studied storyboard, concept design, and video editing in the United States, graduated from Academy of Art University in 2016, San Francisco. After that, he worked as a Graphic Artist in Stela @ BreakOutBit Inc. Later he moved to Seattle in 2018 with the company from bay area. During the years he helped company CEO Jason Juan with company supplies, IT technique assistance beside artistic work. With patience and diligence he has become a professional 2D Artist now. He is skilled at background concept & design, colorizing, video editing and character concept. However, he never stops learning and practicing, keeps improving his artistic and other skills. He likes to approach and perceive new methods to progress and develop work efficiency. He likes to touch fresh new things on curiosity if necessary. In addition, he is a person very easy going with and holding strong responsibility on job. Also, he is a movie lover, likes Marvel’s movie and Japanese animation. Miyazaki and Satoshi Kon are his favorite directors. He wishes to open wings to enhance his horizon more and proves himself as a master.